PEM Enterprise Features Guide v8

This guide will acquaint you with the tools and wizards that are built into the Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) web interface that make it easier for you to monitor and manage your system.

This guide is not a comprehensive resource; rather, it is meant to serve as an aid to help you evaluate the tool and bring you up to speed with the basics of how to use the product. For more detailed information about using PEM's functionality, please see the online help made available by the PEM client.

This document uses Postgres to mean either the PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server database or EDB Postgres Extended (formerly known as 2ndQPostgres).

what's_new pem_query_tool pem_schema_diff_tool pem_erd_tool performance_monitoring_and_management capacity_manager audit_manager log_manager sql_profiler tuning_wizard postgres_expert reports monitoring_BDR_node monitoring_failover_manager monitoring_xdb_replication_cluster performance_diagnostic reference conclusion