EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager Configuring pgBouncer for Use with PEM Agents v8

This document provides detailed information about using pgBouncer as a connection pooler for limiting the number of connections from the PEM Agent towards the Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) server on non-Windows machine:

  • Preparing the PEM Database Server – provides information about preparing the PEM database server to be used with pgBouncer.
  • Configuring pgBouncer – provides detailed information about configuring pgBouncer to make it work with the PEM database server.
  • Configuring the PEM Agent – provides detailed information about configuring a PEM Agent to connect to pgBouncer.

For detailed information about using the PEM web interface, please see the PEM Administrator's Guide.

This document uses the term Postgres to mean either the PostgreSQL or the Advanced Server database.

the_pem_server_pem_agent_connection_management_mechanism preparing_the_pem_database_server configuring_pgBouncer configuring_the_pem_agent conclusion