Release Notes v8

The Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) documentation describes the latest version of PEM 8 including minor releases and patches. The release notes in this section provide information on what was new in each release. For new functionality introduced after 8.0.0 in a minor or patch release, there are also indicators within the content about what release introduced the feature.

VersionRelease DateUpstream MergesAccessibility Conformance
8.3.024 Nov 2021pgAdmin NA
8.2.009 Sep 2021pgAdmin , , and NA
8.1.122 Jul 2021NANA
8.1.016 Jun 2021pgAdmin , , , and Conformance Report
8.0.13 Mar 2021pgAdmin , , and NA
8.0.09 Dec 2020pgAdmin , , and Conformance Report

Often only select issues are included in the upstream merges. The specific issues included in the merges are listed in the release note topics.

08_810_rel_notes 09_801_rel_notes 10_800_rel_notes