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Announcing BigAnimal: Fully managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud

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Open source PostgreSQL packages and installers from EDB

PostgreSQL VersionLinux x86-64Linux x86-32Mac OS XWindows x86-64Windows x86-32
14.1Not supportedNot supported
13.5Not supportedNot supported
12.9Not supportedNot supported
11.14Not supportedNot supported
10.19Not supportedNot supported
9.6.24*Not supportedNot supported
9.5.25*Not supportedNot supported
9.4.26*Not supportedNot supported
9.3.25*Not supportedNot supported

* These versions of PostgreSQL are no longer supported

Note: EDB no longer provides Linux installers for PostgreSQL 11 and later versions, and users are encouraged to use the . Version 10.x and below will be supported until their . For more information, please see this blog post on Platform Native EDB Packages for Linux Users.

EDB PostgreSQL Language Pack Guide

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source database and the fourth most popular database. In development for more than 20 years, PostgreSQL is managed by a well-organized and highly principled and experienced open source community. It is an object-oriented database that is fully ACID compliant and highly extensible, enabling the community to add new features and capabilities as workload demands evolved.

Because of its extensibility, PostgreSQL offers a wide variety of built-in PostgreSQL data types including JSON, XML, HSTORE (key-value), Geo-spatial (PostGIS), IPv6; flexible indexing, featuring composite indexes, GiST, SP- GiST, GIN; full Text Search, online index reorganization; background workers such as a managed process known as Mongress, which accepts MongoDB queries to interface with Postgres data; a contrib module interface: pgcrypto (data encryption), pg_trgm (find 'similar' data), HSTORE (schema-less data); and extensive SQL support.

PostgreSQL runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, macOS, Solaris), and Windows. It offers the following programming languages: PL/pgSQL, PL/SQL, Java, Python, Ruby, C/C+, PHP, Perl, Tcl, Scheme. Postgres also offers the following Library interfaces: OCI, libpq, JDBC, ODBC, .NET, Perl, Python, Ruby, C/C+, PHP, Lisp, Scheme, and Qt.

PostgreSQL databases provide enterprise-class database solutions and are used by a wide variety of enterprises across many industries, including financial services, information technology, government and media and communications.